MRCOOL 60k BTU 17 SEER2 Inverter Packaged Heat Pump



Experience top-tier heating and cooling efficiency while simultaneously reducing utility bills and lessening your environmental footprint with the MRCOOL DC Inverter Package Heat Pump. This energy-efficient ducted system delivers comfort through a single, conveniently packaged outdoor unit, all without the need for fossil fuels.


The root of its exceptional efficiency lies in the variable speed DC compressor, which minimizes power loss, ensuring the unit operates at a notably lower noise level. This translates into uninterrupted regulation of room temperature to cater to individual preferences. The compressor and DC motor's adjustable speeds provide a wide range of cooling and heating, spanning from -22°F to 125°F.


The unit also offers versatile air return options from either the side or the bottom, accommodating both traditional and rooftop installations. For added flexibility, optional heat kits are available to suit specific requirements.


What sets the MRCOOL DC Inverter Package Heat Pump apart is its rapid response to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, efficiently adapting to load demands. Additionally, its intelligent defrosting technology enhances winter heating performance by assessing frost conditions. Rest assured in your investment with 10-year warranties covering labor, parts, and the compressor-all without the need for cumbersome registration processes. Elevate your comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind today with MRCOOL 


  • The unit is completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging.
  • Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of R410A for storage and shipping.
  • The compact design, attractive appearance, outstanding anti-rust cabinet and quiet operation make these units suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, residences or similar places.
  • Inverter Technology
  • Downflow Option Available
  • Energy Efficient
  • Flexible Air Return
  • Fast Cooling & Heating
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Quiet Operation
  • Superior Performance
  • 10 year parts and labor Warranty Included



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MRCOOL 60k BTU 17 SEER2 Inverter Packaged Heat Pump