5 TON 15.3 SEER2 (60k BTU) MRCOOL Hyper Heat Central Ducted Complete System



System Overview:

Enjoy the comfort of your home like never before! The MRCOOL® 60K BTU Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler and Condenser is a dependable and energy-efficient solution for handling extreme winter and summer temperatures. This advanced and yet affordable system is easy to install and adaptable to various installation conditions. With a 10-year parts and labor warranty, you can trust in this system to provide comfort while saving you money. 

  • Up to 15.3 SEER2 and 9.4 HSPF2
  • Variable Speed
  • Enhanced Heating Capacity
  • R-410a Refrigerant
  • Gold Fin Corrosion Protection
  • Thermostat and remote included!
  • Lineset not included but available in 15, 25, 35 and 50ft lengths



This system provides fantastic energy efficiency for both cooling and heating your home. With a SEER2 rating of 15.3, this unit is fantastic at maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, even if you live in Southern Florida! Combined with an HSPF rating of 9.4 this unit can keep your home warm even if you live in Wisconsin! 

Have you heard that "heat pumps don't work up North"? Well, that's not true anymore! With the MRCOOL Hyper Heat system you retain 100% of your heating capacity down to 5°F and 76% of your heating capacity all the way down to -13°F! 



The DC Inverter and state-of-the-art variable speed technology means this unit provides just the right amount of heating and cooling constantly throughout the day and night. Your home needs a certain amount of cooling or heating, when you get a system that does too much too fast your units turn on and off over and over, wearing down the parts, shortening the lifespan of your unit, and creating times of "too warm" and "too cold" throughout the home. With the DC Inverter and variable speed technology, those issues are a thing of the past. This unit is designed to function using just a trickle of electricity almost continuiously. This means more air passing through your air filter for easier breathing, no more "hot" and "cold" spots, and a stable temperature all day and all night. 



Quick and simple for professional HVAC technicians using the MRCOOL® No-Vac® Quick Connect® Line Set. This exclusive line set eliminates the need for vacuuming or flare welding and is kink-resistant, accelerating the connection process and reducing installation costs. Or if you want you can always do it yourself and save even more on installation! That's right, you STILL get the full 10 year warranty if you use the MRCOOL No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set and install it yourself!



Constructed from high-quality materials like painted galvanized steel, this durable unit can withstand damage from severe weather, animals, or yard equipment, guaranteeing reliable performance for years.



In an major break from industry standards, in the unlikely event of any issues, the unit is supported by a 10-year warranty covering the compressor, parts, and labor. Additionally, the labor warranty is automatically activated upon installation, eliminating the need for a time-consuming registration process.

Manuals / Documentation: 


Install Manual


Remote Manual

Service Manual

Warranty Document

Thermostat Manual

AHRI Certificate

5 TON 15.3 SEER2 (60k BTU) MRCOOL Hyper Heat Central Ducted Complete System